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Choosing a PPC Company? Ask These 10 Questions

 Finding the right PPC company in New Jersey is similar to hiring an internal employee. To better understand what they're about and evaluate their background and reputation, you'll want to ask a series of questions.

So, when evaluating potential PPC agencies, here are ten questions to ask. Their responses will provide you with a better understanding of the level of expertise, transparency, and control you can expect from working with them.

Years of Experience: Has your PPC firm handled pay-per-click marketing for long?

Focus: How many dedicated account reps are you employing to manage PPC campaigns daily? Is there anything else they do besides paid search? Is your agency able to provide other services (SEO, web design and development, and others)? If so, what's the ratio of people working on those services versus those who work on PPC services?

Transparency: How willing are you to share data with my company and me?

Specialization: Is there anyone at your digital marketing agency in New Jersey who specializes in or has experience with PPC in my specific business niche?

Cross-Platform Capability: Do you provide services across multiple PPC platforms or just AdWords?

Certification: Are your representatives certified in Google AdWords or other paid search platforms?

Reporting: What types of standard reports do you offer, and what kinds of metrics can I request "on-demand"? Will I be able to access reporting on my own?

Portability: What tools do you use to manage campaigns and generate reports, and how portable are they? Are they exclusive? What would happen to my campaigns, the processes, and reporting you've established if I switched agencies or brought PPC management in-house?

Shared Workload: What if I want to manage some of the tasks or components of my campaigns in-house while you handle the rest? Is that something you can do? How do you usually deal with such a situation?

Proof of Success: How do you know which metrics and goals for my PPC campaigns are successful? How do you intend to collaborate with me to refine and ultimately achieve those objectives?

These questions will help you choose the right PPC company in New Jersey for your business. Happy interviewing!

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